Our main activity is the sale of wet salted animal hides for various industries and we are the leading raw animal hide traders in the area. Raw animal hides are collected from slaughterhouses in Croatia and subsequently sorted according to weight and category. Following that, the hides are salted and stored, after which they are ready to be delivered to the buyers. Our warehouse is registered for technical and human use (gelatine, collagen), which meets all the highest European standards. 

Our mission is to provide our buyers with a wide selection of quality raw animal hides that will satisfy and surpass all of their needs and expectations, as well as ensure their permanent dedication. As part of that process we are especially focusing on:

- The quality of our products

- Cordial business relationships with suppliers, buyers, and our employees

- A recognisable and esteemed image of the company on the market

We are able to offer you cattle, yearling, calf, and sheep hide.