Finished leather is made by chemically treating raw animal hides, the process which results in the removal of hairs. After the chemical process, the extraneous flesh is removed from the flesh side of the hide and the hides are sent to the second stage of processing, i.e. tanning. This process creates WB (Wet blue) leather, or, if natural tanning agents are used, WW (Wet white) leather or eco-leather. Various mechanical procedures (sammying, shaving, stripping, and others) are used after tanning to prepare the leather for the next processing stage, i.e. crusting, where the leather is further chemically treated (neutralisation, dyeing, retanning, fatliquoring). After the chemical part of the curing, the leather is processed mechanically (buffing, vacuum drying, drying) which creates crust leather, which is then sent to the final stage of finishing, where the process is finished by spraying or roller-coating paint, polishing, and glazing, which completes the process of creating finished leather. Our offer includes a wide variety of finished leather for all purposes, from upholstery and clothes to leather for making shoes and accessories. It is possible to order custom made leather (according to quality, thickness, softness, and touch). You are welcome to send us a request.