The company REKO d.o.o. was founded in 1992, and ever since then it has been successful in purchasing, sorting, preserving, and selling wet salted animal hides on domestic and international markets. In 2007 the company moved to a newly built modern 3,000 m2 warehouse, located along the motorway in Ivanja Reka. It is the most advanced warehouse in Europe, meeting all the technological and environmental European norms. According to the company’s vision to become the leading wholesale raw animal hide seller in the region and to constantly work on improving the quality of its products and services, in the previous years the company has been constantly growing and currently it is the leader in the field, and more than 90% of its turnover comes from exports, all of which already presented the company as a steady and reliable partner for our international buyers in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Turkey, China, etc. Our company is a proud holder of the certificate for direct export of raw animal hides to China, as the only company in Croatia that was granted that certificate by the Chinese government. The company expanded its business activities to several other areas in 2010, such as finished leather, natural and collagen casings, polyamide casings, shrink wrap bags and film.